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"Cait Spiker as manipulative and destructive Hedda Gabler seems born to play this role, filling our ongoing need for strong female characters in theatre. Her Hedda is unsettling in gleeful deceit, guaranteeing our mouths open in both laughter and shock over the course of the story. Spiker clearly thrives on Hedda’s determination, strength and psychotic intensity."

- "Her Father's Daughter" Owen James - Theatrepress

"Only Hedda - delivered with stellar control by Cait Spiker - is aware of the tempest raging just out of sight, so that even as she calmly meets her fate, her undoing goes almost unnoticed by those around her." - "Her Father's Daughter" Maxim Boom - The Music

"Its lead couple, buried to the hips in a graveyard, hastalent to burn. Ben Walter and Cait Spiker, as Derb and Garm, blaze like magnesium in air....They’ve certainly got the vocal talent here: Spiker has a commanding and versatile voice."

- "Rainbow Man" Chris Boyd - The Australian 

"Cait Spiker stood out in the play's meatiest role, the blossoming winsome fiend of Nina. Spiker drew captivatingly clean lines from girl to woman, dotty to deranged, virgin to vixen, and never phoned in a line where in some moments the script and direction gave room."

- "Stupid Fucking Bird"  -Broadway world

"Cait Spiker’s Nina swans on and off the acting space like a lithe, supernatural being. Spiker is radiant in her role. Her final dialogue with Con (Michael Mack) was beautifully executed. She navigates through the complex ideas embedded in the text and conveys Nina’s emotional state with such fluency that you cannot listen to her rambled, heartfelt monologue without being moved, either laughing or crying, just as Chekhov intended. The angst was palpable."
-  Stupid Fucking Bird" - Ian Nott - Theatrepeople


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